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Hi, My name’s Alex Sherwin and I am a junior cyclist based in Dubai, UAE. I am lucky enough to having my primary training ground as cycling purpose built roads that meander into the desert. When I’m not dodging oryxes, I race through the cities of the United Arab Emirates or train on the highest mountains accessible in this country. So far I have been highly placed in junior races throughout the UAE, and my proudest moment yet was when I took first place in the Liwa Hills Challenge in the early months of 2018. My aspirations are to find a mens team that fully supports their riders and in which I can perform at my best!

What I ride: I currently ride a 2016 tarmac elite frame paired with full Shimano 105 group-set as well as a pair of ZIPP 404’s which I managed to snatch off a UK based cycling  page.

My dream bike: No two ways about it, it would have to be a Basso Dimanté in the Maap edition colour scheme. This is by far the best looking frame on the market. Having an Italian frame without an Italian group-set is a crime! Therefore, I would be over the moon with Campagnolo’s new super record EPS groupo’. Lastly it would be rude not to throw in the finest wheels on the market, the ENVE SES 3.4’s. Light, aerodynamic and ouch…very expensive

My inspirational cyclist: That’s a hard one. I like Peter Sagan’s humour and sportsmanship but I also rate Phil Gaimon and I particularly loved his book “Draft Animals”. Moving away from pros, I have to give a shout out to UAE based Robin McGowan for pulling me up and down the stick frequently. The day is looming when our roles will reverse. WATCH OUT ROBIN!

My riding style: I’m confused at the minute, I seem to be okay across the board. Looking at my somatotype I would match the build of climber however the current environment that I live in is changing me. The pancake flat roads are not aiding my climbing ability so I am planning trips abroad to iron out these creases.

Post race meal: HEALTH FREAKS BEWARE! I am ashamed to say that I partake in cheeky Maccies just to level out all of that exercise. Im sorry.

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